Sunday, December 4, 2011

Together we shall dance...

Let's dance together, just You and Me
but two as One,
Forgetting all else, Buoyant and free...
Twisting and twirling, Spinning and turning, 
in this starry night, 
to our very own music - the music of our hearts, 
as they beat as one -,
Swaying to its melody, in such perfect harmony...

Hands entwined, never to let go
Me sinking into your eyes and you into mine,
Contented as we dance, 
I with you, and you with me
Let's soar on the wings of these emotions
You be my ballerina and I will be your ballerino...
May we remain in this trance, immersed in this moment of infinity,
wanting never to be awakened
as we float on our feet,
Let our souls be unchained...
swaying to our wordless tunes
Let's dance together like butterflies,
painting a rainbow colours around...

Tum jo sang ho laage hai mujhko saaraa jaahaan apna mujhe
Milke chalenge hai yeh kasam jo saath teraa mujhko miley

Raahon se kaante hum chunn lenge
Dhoop mein chaayaa banke chalenge
Jag se niraalaa hogaa saath piyaji
Maare sapno ki tu parwaaz piya
Thaaro maaro milan aiso laage re sathi jaiso
Diya aur baati... ho diya aur baati hum

Take me as thy Popeye and be thou my spinach,
Vivify my each day with your smile...
and help me navigate through life
We shall grow old together,
ascending the stairs of Love...
loving and being together, for eternity
so that our dance lives on, forever in harmony 
We can be whatever we want to be,
when it's me and you, you and me...
Diya Aur Baati Hum 


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