Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Freedom in Music

When the pieces of me choke,
I return back to my muse ~ Music
to silence the echos within...
Putting on my headphones, I fall into an abyss,
A little paradise of a world that is sweet bliss
where the music cascades over me like a waterfall,
nothing stops its embrace,
as if it whispers, silkily seducing,
and I surrender to the summoning!
Swaying smoothly in its breeze,
facing skyward, slowly swooning,
I let myself soar aloft into the new sky,
like floating feathers...
into an euphorically blissful state
Nothing holds me back.

All fatigue lifts,
Emotions get restored and revived,
My Soul gets soothed,
and I am refilled afresh to my soul's content...
Supreme satisfaction.


  1. Awesomely written poem Amit....soo truely u described the essence and the need of music...i also feel n the same way...music deed help 2 erase the pain from our soul a lott...keep writing Amit...u hav a gr8 potential...:)

  2. I have the same feeling when I listen to music too :) Glad to know other people find music therapeutic as I do.

  3. Thanks Dhanya :))
    Indeed, music can be so soothing & fulfilling... I luv so much listening to music or singing..
    I am sure most of us feel the same way :)

  4. Music has a world of it's own; such a wonderful world by entering into which anyone would get some inexpressible eternal kind of joy.. Last night I was listening to M.Rafi collection and was so much lost can't express... I have the same feeling that you have penned in your poem every time I listen to the songs of my choice. I know you are a good singer as well.... keep it up..

  5. Indeed Nani. Music holds a very special place in my life, it's a sanctuary for me, where I feel so happy to lose myself almost every day. And some songs or instrumentals are pure magic :))



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