Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Will Paint It My Way...

A palette of colours,
A freshly-dipped paintbrush,
and a virgin white canvas...
My picture I will paint...

Yearning for a rainbow world,
My imagination is my canvas,
And emotions are my colours,
I will paint my world the way I want it to be,
forever gleaming and glistening...

If the bristles of my brush become worn and frayed,
I will dip my fingers into the multitude of colours
and will keep spreading colors unrestrained...
a medley of blue and cream and lush green,
yellow and crimson and also pink.
My palette will never be empty...

A new set of dreams to achieve,
My exuberance be my fuel...
My wings I have unfurled,
and now I will remain skybound...
I will paint it my way
And will create my own gallery.


  1. hmm...nice poetry..
    paint ur life with ur dreams..
    make ur own gallery!!

  2. Many many Congratulations Bhai on yor promotion (:-)
    Bhagwan kare tu ese hi aur tarakee karta rahe,
    Jitne logon ki madat ki hai, sabke duayein aur pyar humesha tere saath rahenge.

    May Yu keep on achieving a whole lot more (:-)

  3. nice poem...really motivates you to do things even if circumstances don't favour you!!!

    but heard u after a long time...

  4. Thanks Varsha :) thanks a ton for ur wishes :))

    Thanks Pranab :) yeah, it's been almost 2 months that i wrote something... had got quite busy, just couldn't take out time to write anything here



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