Wednesday, May 25, 2011

'Where Rainbows End' by Cecelia Ahern

Though sometimes I love recommendations and sometimes I do pick up books reading their reviews, but mostly when I choose a book, I try my best to remain unswayable to all preconceived opinions formed by previous books of the author or his/her reputation from the recommendations. I would rather find out for myself and form my own unbiased impression about the particular book.

While going through another blog, reviewing this same book, one particular line had caught my attention there - "Imagine having to wait until you are 50 years old to be united with your true love!" and instantly I chose to order this book on 

It took me almost four days to complete this book (the book is quite voluminous and the story did make me feel like lacking pace at a few places) but it was worth it... The book mayn't be a life changing experience but surely a charming, light yet heartwarming and engaging read :)
The most interesting and endearing charm that I found about this book is that the entire story is narrated (impeccably presented at that) through a series of emails, text messages, chats and letters between the novel's characters ~~ all about long distance relationship, long emails and online chats.

A cute story about two childhood best friends Rosie and Alex who have strong feelings for each other and this love does pop up time and again. But FATE always seems hell-bent on bringing something or someone between them!
They grow up together doing all silly things, through school, through teenage and then into adulthood until they are separated when Alex and his family move to Boston (U.S) and Rosie is left behind at Ireland. 
But they keep in touch with each other through letters, emails and chats as they move on with their own lives, with different partners, have kids, show dislike for the other's respective partner, finding faults in them. But they never could confess their true feelings for each other. Not until almost the end...
And when they do, ...starts their new beginning....

The book kept me engaged all these four days simply because all the while I was curious to find out "if now is the time when they will be united together forever. Or not? :o "
By the time, I reached the last page I felt contented. :)

My Rating : 3/5


  1. Story sounds interesting..
    Will try to pick it up sometime and read it :)


  2. Though choices differ from person to person but I hope U find this book endearing enough...
    All the Best, Swetha :)

  3. nice blog.

    this book is there in my wishlist since long. may i get my hands on it soon. :)

  4. Thanks Preetilata :)
    & I hope whn U finish reading this book, it meets ur expectations.
    Best Wishes

  5. I once thought to but this book....but after reading some pages of it, i thought otherwise. The narration of the book (though interesting) lost me somewhere....I didn't buy it....

    After reading "PS. I Love You" my expectation for a romantic novel is high...but its good that loved reading it....

    Keep reading and keep writing!!!! :)

  6. hmmm... Pranav, this one is definitely not in the same league as P.S I Love You though d author is d same.. this one is more of a light fun read.

    But if U r looking for really good romantic novels, I will suggest U to try d buks of Nicholas Sparks --
    "The Notebook" or "A Walk To Remember" or "The Choice" or "The Last Song" or even "A Message in The Bottle"...
    though "The Notebook" is my fave one.
    As per me, Nicholas Sparks is the best author when it comes to writing really gud love stories :)
    3 of the above mentioned buks hv already been made into movies - Notebook, a walk to remember and message in the bottle.

  7. Lonnnggggg emails and chats!!! (:-P
    Yeh "longggg emails" padhke mujhe badi hasi agayi, aur main samajh bhi gayi tune yeh book kyun choose ki (:-D (:-P
    By God, tere longgg emails (:-D, tere jaisa long emails koi aur likh hi nahin sakta kabhi (:-D



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