Saturday, May 21, 2011


Reclining on my cozy bean bag near the window with a warm cup of coffee and watching the tranquil downpour,
The first rains of the summer...
slaking Earth’s thirst and so also mine...
The pitter-patter of raindrops, as if knocking on my window asking me to come out...
The dripping window panes, little streams and drops of water,
one drop, two, many more follow down... each one set on a journey,
A calming sight...
Like an assuaging emollient to everyone, nature has reworked her magic.

The feel of the soft breeze and with it the earthy smell of fresh clean rain...
Sliding my hands out of the window, I try to count each raindrop that falls,
as the raindrops kiss and caress my parched skin with their cold soothing touch.
Humming at first, then breaking into a quiet song, I lift my face into the rain, feeling the joy of freedom....
opening my mouth to taste the rain, submitting myself to the solace of simplicity.
I wish to stand here by the window all evening till I could be soaked to the skin...


  1. Oye hoye, kya baat he (:-P
    Bade barish me bheega jaa raha he, heeynnn!(:-P
    but an utterly cute narration for sure, with your usual inimitable flair (:-)
    Keep enjoying life like this always.

    (Ek aat last week ke Panchgani ke photos lagake bhi kuch travelogue article likhdal)

  2. And why don't yu start a new blog putting yor guitar and piano songs there? Bahot acha video blog banega, Amit. Yu have a sweet voice and magical fingers as well (:-)
    Do consider my suggestion seriously (:-)

  3. A hot cup of coffee, a newly bought Rohinton Mistry's book for company, soft romantic numbers in d background and the evening shower (first of d summer) outside... it was indeed a very well spent evening :)

  4. & regarding ur suggestion Varsha, surely I wl start a dedicated blog for my piano n guitar recordings someday :D
    par abhi to mujhe sirf do hi gaano pe piano cover aata hai - Pehla nasha pehla khumar & d Titanic song...
    mera left hand utna set hua nahin hai.. n guitar to abhi naya naya start kia hei...
    notes n nodes pe full knowledge acquire karlun both instruments pe..
    fir jarur ek video blog start karunga :)
    Bt Thanks a ton Varsha :)

  5. This is the most soothing and creative home I have ever visited. The flow of the rain, the warmth of coffee and the soothing, beautiful music are its decor. Thank you for inviting me to your very special place of solitude!!

    1. Pleasure is all mine @Voila's Pride :))
      Keep visiting.. Best wishes and God Blesses :))



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