Monday, April 18, 2011

Is Life Really Unfair?

So often we ponder over "Why me?"
... as if we were being victimised by Life arbitrarily, unjustly.
Whether to ourselves or to others or to God, but how often have we not grumbled about Life being unreasonably unfair (particularly to us) saying -- "Why am I in this situation when others are in a better one?”

But in reality, each one of us gets his fair share of sunshine and so as the rain, in his life, depending upon his karmic deeds.
Different people define "Life" in different ways and each one of us is unique. Perhaps that's why, we all have different lessons to learn to grow.

"Some flowers grow best in the sun while others do well in the shade.
God always knows what is best for us ... so He plants us where we would grow best and accordingly gives us the situations to grow with...."

And that's how life goes... not always will it turn the way we would want it to. Some days will be better than the other ones.. and some won't be....
Not all the time will we rejoice... Sometimes we will be made to weep. That's how Life balances out.
Some times we will make mistakes, sometimes we will stumble, sometimes we will be taken by surprise, being knocked down hard when we would be least expecting it. Sometimes we will be hurt... sometimes we will be scarred. But that is perhaps God's way of letting us explore every corner of ourself, leaving no spot uncovered. So instead of comparing and complaining, if we start viewing the obstacles, the adversities in life as speed-breakers which were meant to save us from the bigger accidents ahead, our ride on the path of life (though mayn't become smooth enough thereafter, but) won't be that uncomfortable or won't seem that bumpy and rough.

An arrow can be shot only by pulling it back. So when life is dragging us back with adversities, it means that it is going to launch us to victory.
Accepting that everything happens for a reason and that I will never be finished, rather I will always be "a work-in-progress", I will henceforth never ask Life “Why me?... instead I will say “Try me”.


  1. Excellent write-up, Amit.
    especially the quote - "some flowers grow best in the sun while others do well in the shade".
    How true!

  2. You know what, I was searching for something else on google and accidentally came upon this blog, but I had no idea ki yeh tera blog hoga!! (:-D I can't tell you how happy I am feeling right now going through your posts. Keep writing bhai (:-), abse main humesha yahaan aaungi tere writings padhne (:-D

  3. Such a gifted person Amit is! A person with sensitivity, creativity and high aesthetic values.... I am not saying... His writings often say so...

  4. You are genuinely a gifted person having sincerity towards life...

  5. Thank U so very much Nani :) :)
    These r really touchy words from someone who is even so so more GIFTED but never brags abt her qualities... so humble, so down to earth person.
    Anyone can attain knowledge through books n call himself/herself a learned person, but humility and simplicity r virtues not everyone can attain easily and U have them in U aplenty. U definitely r an inspiration to so many people, nani and this I amn't saying just for d sake of it. U know naa, I nvr say anything if I dont really mean it.
    U truly r one of d most inspiring and soft spoken persons I hv ever come across in my lifetime & I really hold such humble, modest persons in very high regards :)

  6. I am honored with your words, although you always overestimate me.



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